Sunday, 30 December 2007

Top Ten Animated Shorts of 2007

Number 4
The Dog Who Was A Cat Inside by Siri Melchior achieves fourth spot courtesy of such a distinctive and fresh style that I immediately experimented myself to see how it was achieved. There's a social statement too about harbouring (or repressing) different characters in the tale of a dog who is a cat inside, but it's the style that gets the vote: stylish artwork, vivid colours and square, flat characters - not usually a compliment but here it most certainly is. (See Blog)

Number 3
Birthday Boy by Korean director Sejong Park is simply wonderful. It might easily have gained second spot. It tells the story of a young boy during the Korean War who is playing war games, oblivious of the real war around him, and of the involvement of his father. The ending is so crushing as our perception of events is at odds with that of the innocent boy. There's also such tension as the boy plays on the dangerous railway line, and humour as he attacks the postman, an incident in itself that ties in with the news from the battlefront. The link to YouTube I originally used is now dead and I revert to the impressive No Fat Clips site from where you can still download a copy, and at high resolution. Hurry, it won't be there too long. Honestly, animation doesn't get better than this.(See Blog) Tomorrow is 1 & 2!

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