Saturday, 12 January 2008

Chris Hinton "Nibbles"

I've often set out on an excursion only to be distracted by the need to eat. Usually this occurs in winter when inclement weather sets in, the cafe beams like a lighthouse in a storm, and all we have to remember of our day out is an eating place, usually pretty unappetising in all respects. Nibbles, made by Chris Hinton in 2003, takes this experience many stages further. Three men go on a fishing trip in 2001 from Montreal to Lake Kippawa but are distracted by every eating joint on the way. Pizzas, french fries, donuts, gum, burgers and I don't know what slide down their gullets in a seemingly frantic attempt to build themselves up for the trials ahead. The car guzzles fuel, the mosquitoes guzzle the fishermen, the fish guzzle the bait. It's one huge orgy of eating and drinking, accompanied by various sound effects and some banjo picking. Sketched in a free and easy manner that suits the subject, the screenshot reveals the style pretty accurately. Chris has taught animation at Concordia University in Montreal for over 18 years and his 3.5 minute movie was nominated for an Academy Award. I also like his second Oscar nominated movie, Blackfly, produced in 2001 which has the same sense of humour and a related subject though an entirely different style. I'll write about it later in the week.

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