Monday, 21 January 2008

Clyde Geronimi & Walt Disney "Peter and the Wolf "

Sterling Holloway's perfect voice narrates Peter and the Wolf, the Walt Disney cartoon directed in 1946 by Clyde Geronimi. I did Disney a disservice yesterday when writing about Suzie Templeton's version. Disney is Disney and having now viewed this funny and beautifully crafted early movie, I have nothing but praise for the work. Commencing with a rather artistic guide to Serge Prokofieff's musical piece, with the signatures for the various characters introduced, the story of Peter going out to hunt the wolf with his toy gun commences. The screenshot is slightly misleading. Would Disney kill off the duck? Italian-American Clyde Geronimi was a stalwart of the Disney studio until leaving in 1959. In 1942 he won an Academy Award for Best Animated Short with his Lend a Paw. He was the director of the television Spiderman series produced in 1967 which I will look at soon, along with his award winning Pluto cartoon. You can obtain the rare DVD version of Peter and the Wolf from Amazon or, inevitably, it is posted on YouTube in two halves: Peter and the Wolf 1 & Peter and the Wolf 2. Meanwhile, Suzie Templeton's version, featured yesterday, is available on a DVD specially made to be screened theatrically in concert halls accompanied by live orchestras from MovieMail.

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