Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Dave Fleischer - Superman "Billion Dollar Limited"

Lest we forget from whence we came, good quality animation is not just a contemporary thing. To commence the new year, nothing too intellectually demanding given the rigours and festivities, the Dave Fleischer Superman episode from 1942, Billion Dollar Limited, is great fun and informs us that 64 years ago animators were at work without even the aid of a graphics tablet. Lois Lane sprays Tommy gun bullets from a speeding train at would-be robbers with wicked intentions towards a billion dollars as they chase her in their car. Don't worry for her safety. Superman saves the day, train, girlfriend and heaves the locomotive back to the safety of the Government Mint whilst withstanding bullets bouncing off his manly chest and famous insignia. There is a remarkable group of enthusiasts out there for this kind of thing. Try clicking on the YouTube link for the movie and enjoy the intelligent commentary from DangerNerd.

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