Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Emiel Penders "Angst"

Walking my own hound once led to a broken wrist so I can appreciate Emiel Penders' account of the trials and tribulations of dog ownership. Finely drawn in 2D black and white, his 2005 movie, Angst, is the tale of André whose relationship with his dog causes him some distress and much joy, in a landscape dominated by a wind that scares the boy until his dog is in danger. Emiel's comic timing is a delight as the wind sweeps the characters up to the sky in a series of impossible situations. In Angst all those repressed fears that plague us are confronted and there is always a wet and smelly canine tongue to re-establish normality. The original movie was transformed into a sweet sounding music video by production company Caviar for Bunny. Emiel's website, where the movie may be viewed in full, offers the two alternatives. Personally, although I liked the music, I felt the sound of the original wind and barking necessary to fully appreciate the story. Other movies on his site include at least one other canine treat.

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