Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Fabien Dumas, Benoît Guillou, Cécile Jestin, Jérôme Houlier, Baptiste Lemonnier "Twit-Twit

A robot controls a toll booth or level crossing for a narrow gauge railway through the desert. Along comes Charly, a young, banjo playing upstart robot who questions the need to pay the fee, barges his way in and finds himself paying the penalty. Fabien Dumas, Benoît Guillou, Cécile Jestin, Jérôme Houlier and Baptiste Lemonnier are all students from ESRA Bretagne and Twit-Twit was their 2007 piece. The students were only in their second year. Now a desert is a good place to be for a robot provided there is a good supply of oil to lubricate the joints. The old timer knows this and keeps his gun handy. Of course, even deserts have rain. The students use of the 3D software is remarkable. The robots are beautifully engineered pieces to see, expertly animated. The desert is well lit with the railway vehicles and the toll booth itself gracefully entwined together in the 3d world. Furthemore, the four minute movie is also imbued with a light touch of humour one sometimes does not find in such high tech animations. One example that amused me was the robot rolling up his joints prior to a fight. The original music by Guillaume Bertrand and Florian Monchatre adds to the wild west atmosphere. ESRA Bretagne specializes in training in 3D animation and, in its own words, is "dedicated to jobs in the Film, Television and Audiovisual Communication". These students are eminently employable, their examination piece funny and impressive both. Visit their website for further information including high quality stills and a superb storyboard.

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