Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Gina Birch "Babes in the Wood"

I often praise the work of students at the Royal College of Art, London. The institution most definitely does not have a monopoly of talent here in the UK but a place on one of their courses is a measure of excellence. Gina Birch, as so many of their students do, proceeded there for her MA and Babes in the Wood was her graduation film in 2002. It commences with a "babe" peering out of a window at trees and a quite beautiful night sky with shooting stars and the moon. It is all enchanting until we view the window from outside and see the rather doleful face of the babe looking out as rain drips forlornly down the glass. Thereafter the movie has two innocents venturing out into the woods, where baubles and shimmering bursts of colour sparkle, as characters seemingly at ease in the world move about freely. The two babes are lost however and as the night, wind and rain close in we are left to wonder at the chimeras and eidolons of life, and the challenging world we inhabit. Gina's explanation is, naturally enough, much clearer: "It's about a sense of loss really and how it feels to be lost in a metal state." You can read about Gina here and enjoy her portfolio of work. You can also enjoy Eliza Moore and her expert fiddle playing of a jig that is ideally suited to the animation. The screenshot, by the way, is taken from Gina's website and the colour is deeper than the version she has posted on YouTube. I found the animation utterly delightful and a touch of class. Providing Gina's website is current there is an opportunity to see her work on display in central London from January 10th.

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