Tuesday, 8 January 2008

"Lionel" Gabriel Gelade, Mehdi Leffad, Anthony Menard and, Matthieu Poirey

A second French 3D animation for you and totally different in tone and equally impressive. Lionel is produced by Gabriel Gelade, Mehdi Leffad, Anthony Menard and, Matthieu Poirey, another group from that seemingly endless stream of talent studying at the French Gobelins school in Paris. The premise is quite simple: a film crew interviews a young boy about his school life. I've had conversations with students like this before. The trouble is the interests, one might even call them obsessions, of young boys are not necessarily the interests of a crew making an educational documentary. As I've said, I have taught boys (and girls) very similar to this and they talk as if they are the adult and you are a simpleton, and a pretty contemptible one at that. So why shouldn't a child be more interested in school meals than pen and paper? And he does reveal great knowledge of the most dangerous fish in the sea, far more dangerous than the Great White, particularly to cows. What does it matter if he barks at you and you have to make numerous takes before giving up the shoot entirely. Lucky the animation crew was on hand really. The short two minute movie is very funny and produced using Maya, Photoshop, After Effects and Painter. I saw the movie first in French though the YouTube version in the link is subtitled.

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