Saturday, 19 January 2008

Nina Bisjiarina "Sparrows Are Children of Pigeons"

Russian animator Nina Bisjiarina has recreated a child's imaginary world in her bewitching five minute short made in 2005, Sparrows Are Children of Pigeons. A young boy is led through a busy, adult world of street and bus. Everyday objects or animals are transformed in his imagination into wondrous creatures. The dog being dragged away from him by its owner is a reindeer with twinkling antlers, a sparrow, suddenly bestowed with colour, joins in children's games and, perhaps most magically of all, the moon and stars in the nightime sky become penguins rolling huge glowing snowballs in the heavens. As the child drifts to sleep courtesy of the luminous pillow provided by the attentive penguin, he is united in love with his mother. In this 2D film Nina's imaginative feat is equalled by her artistic talent, surely the essence of the best animation. It is not every day one is allowed entrance to a child's world.

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