Friday, 4 January 2008

Peter Lawson "Penguin Attack"

Sandwiched between two Oscar winners is fourteen year old Peter Lawson's seasonal piece, Penguin Attack. Peter has been studying animation with me since September and I think you'll enjoy a very accomplished Flash animation. It comes to something when even one's innocent pleasures, in this case building a snowman, are disrupted by a gang of delinquent penguins. Peter is a very talented artist, uses a graphics tablet and scans his own drawings. He also understands the technology and software - not a bad combination for an animator. He won our annual Christmas animation competition. I must add that Peter is also an absolutely outstanding musician. He simply ran out of the time needed to create his own soundtrack. It will come. As you will see, he leaves himself the opportunity of developing the story further in the Spring Term. For now enjoy a maturely executed animation, particularly the grasp of cinematography that Peter has in his perspectives and "camera" angles. Turn your volume up for this one.

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