Sunday, 13 January 2008

Phil Mulloy "The Chain"

I first saw Phil Mulloy's 1997 The Chain on the UK's Channel 4. I was reminded of it on the recommendation of a friend. The Chain is a satire, depicting a chain of events triggered by the brutal treatment of a child whose artwork is trashed. This acts as a catalyst for murder and mayhem, crusades, colonisation, drunkenness, deception, theft ..whatever...all in a search of an unobtainable, an illusion, a deception. Its ten minutes are not easy to describe in strictly logical terms though there is a strange logic and reality about Phil's sequence of events. How, otherwise, can one describe, say, Iraq? His vision may be anarchic, cynical, but I can't argue with it. The style of the movie is deceptive too. At once simply drawn, the scale of the work only becomes obvious as the movie progresses. Most of his work in my experience is rendered in black and white. Here the red figures and often vibrant colour create depth and dynamism. The movie utterly absorbed my attention. A graduate of the Royal College of Art, Phil was born in what I used to consider the posh part of Liverpool - Wallasey, Cheshire. Visit his website for more information, films and sales. In the meantime the the film may be viewed in two parts: The Chain and The Chain 2. Belatedly I have been made aware of his other work and will feature it shortly. His is an important voice in animation.

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