Monday, 28 January 2008

Tanya Lyon "Nowel" & "Best Friends" - with Cordell Barker

Animations are for now, not just Christmas! Thus it's certainly time for Canadian animator Tanya Lyon's short, Nowel. At only 23 she is one of Pascal Blais' highly rated directors attracted to the Montreal based Pascal Blair Studio. Nowel is a cute little piece featuring a scheming boy determined to capture Santa Claus on camera. Using a lure of milk and cookies he sets up his camera and determines to sit up all night to catch the seasonal visitor. Tricky so and so. Santa's been round the block a time or two or three and is up to the ruse however. A natural artist, Tanya has already had several commercials aired on television. One, a joint project with the acclaimed Cordell Barker, is Best Friends, a pleasing tale showing the benefits of feeding Teddy a class of milk rather than knocking bits out of toys like the rest of the heathens at the 6th birthday party. And, who knows, just maybe you attract a better class of friend that way, one to last a lifetime. It's a clever ad for the milk production industry in Quebec. Follow the link on Tanya's page for this second film or or enjoy it on YouTube. In fact the ad is Tanya's last post on her blog. Cordell produced one of the most brilliant Oscar nominated movies for some years with his "The Periwig Maker" a chilling stop-motion saga of the Black Death. I'll be reviewing it soon. Oh, and just in case you consider Tanya some kind of softie with this feeding milk to Teddy thing, you'd better check this one out - Opération Nounours. Here the poor furry thing gets tortured.

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