Thursday, 24 January 2008

Tomek Ducki "Winter’s First Day" & "Life Line"

Tomek Ducki's Winter’s First Day is chosen as representative of his work albeit it was his 2006 movie Life Line that has gained the plaudits in various festivals and competitions. The link is to Tomek's website from where one has to negotiate to the animation section and recognise the screenshot. At less than two minutes in length this is not a major movie though it is testament to the Hungarian animator's talent. A dog is let out of its home to exercise and eat a bone. An abortive attempt to meet up with a bird that at first sight looks suspiciously like a dog ends when it flies off into a sky full of congregating rooks. All is not lost though as another rather chunky dog arrives for companionship and, who knows, a relationship free of the lead. Signs of winter are changing cloud patterns and a wind that begins to make itself heard. It is the style though that engages one's attention: variation of light, smudges of textured colour like a smeared windscreen, everyday sounds, a suggestion of city tower blocks, confidence and skill in the animation of the two dogs. A one minute fragment of Life Line is included to reveal Tomek's figures of cogs and wheels racing smoothly on undulating lines in a vaguely urban, wholly digital world of grey and blue. Other animations show his range of techniques and interests, including some eye-catching posters. Until recently he was a student at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, though now I see from his biography that he has enrolled at the National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield. It will be interesting to see how this extremely talented artist progresses.

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