Monday, 25 February 2008

Academy Award Winner 2008 Suzie Templeton & Hugh Welchman "Peter and the Wolf"

Congratulations to Suzie Templeton and Hugh Welchman for their success in obtaining an Academy Award for Short Film (Animated) at last night's Oscar ceremony. I reviewed the movie on January 20th. Featured comments from last night:
  • "This is for everyone. This for our fantastic crew and this for everybody who worked so passionately on our film to make our dream come true." (Suzie)
  • "Yeah, no this really is a fairy tale ending for us, but hopefully it's only the beginning for Peter and this amazing award, and it will help keep Prokofiev's "Peter and the Wolf" in the hearts and minds of children all over the world. So, the Academy, thank you so much. it's been amazing." (Hugh)

I failed to give information about Hugh who was the film's producer. He is Producer and Joint Managing Director of BreakThru Films with ‘Free Jimmy’ the most recent animation success I have seen. I will feature some of his work later this week.

Meanwhile, as a postcript (added 27th February) do read Anna's comment below about the key role played by the Polish animators and financial support by the Polish Film Institute. I was sadly uninformed and Anna has put me right! More precisely, I needed to commend the work of Storm Studio in Oslo and Se-Ma-For Studio in Poland. As recompense I'll do some research into their work and post a blog shortly.

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anna said...

What about the Polish effort that went into the film?

Considering that Peter & the Wolf was subsidized by the Polish Film Institute, and co-produced by Se-Ma-For Studio - whose animation staff for the film was mainly Polish animators - I think it's a sad state that the only blogs and news feeds properly reporting the British-POLISH film win end in ".pl"

Not to mention that Oslo's Storm Studio (Norway) also helped produce the film. Why do the English get to take the full credit?