Friday, 29 February 2008

Endre Skandfer "Mind the Gap" & "Substitute" (El Caco)

Oscar winning Storm Studio, covered yesterday, employ some extremely talented people. Norwegian director Endre Skandfer is one of the more recent additions to the staff, arriving in October 2007 from Qvisten Animation. His movie Mind the Gap is as an interesting example of his work. Marvin is a fairly busy sheep in a world peopled by sheep. (For all they are sheep they behave like people.) Marvin travels on the underground tube train passing a guitar playing busker. The musician gives him pause for thought, as does the arrival on the seat opposite of mother and daughter (sheep). Marvin is transported in his mind to his childhood as a young lamb (boy) where, whilst attempting to sleep, he counts sheep (yes sheep) jumping over a fence. Told in a series of flashbacks Marvin's reaction is quite extraordinary. Beautifully drawn and animated throughout I was a little distressed to discover an obviously caring mother allow her daughter to blow bubble gum all over her woolly face. If I found the true reason for Marvin's discomforture a little hard to discern I can well understand the reason for the transformation of cuddly kitten to diabolical destroyer of ladies' underwear in Substitute, an animated music video for Norwegian band El Caco. Any person attempting air guitaring in the shower might be similarly spirited away. The juxtaposition of band and feline is apt and very funny. It is in his 2006 Show Reel that one obtains a truer perspective of Endre's range of talents including the tale of the disappearing hand in the screenshot below. Endre studied animation and documentary filmmaking at Volda College graduating in 2000. Mind the Gap was Endre's first film released in 2003. His very readable website and blog – can’t tell the difference these days - together with terrific drawings, watercolours and paintings - Skandfer Film.

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