Sunday, 10 February 2008

Issam Zejly "Starry Night" & Meghana Bisineer

After the female heroics of the previous four days a man has to do something special to gain entry to the Animation Blog, certainly turn a few somersaults or so. Québec based and US educated Issam Zejly has a very impressive 3D short, Starry Night, available on his website. In a breathless demonstration of the software package Maya, his character jumps, slides, leaps and generally excels himself in a digital world before crashing down to earth with an unexpectedly hard thump. Issam has an impressive website to advertise his talents. It always impresses me when a person on the look-out for a possible new position can advertise his or her skills not by the purchase of a new suit and shining in interview but through the strength of what they actually do. There's no hiding place on the web and studios could not fail to be impressed by Issan's Wolf-Walk, T-Rex or Demo-Reel. His résumé isn't half bad either. However one major movie can win over the recruiters or gain the commissions and that is why so many excellent movies are posted on-line. A snazzy website and a great animation suggest Issan has a bright future. I look forward to to seeing more of his work in which glorious technical skills and story are woven together - now that would be one great package.

And on the subject of great packages or bright futures, Meghana Bisineer sends the following news: "A film I did the visualisation, design and animation for is being broadcast on Channel 4 on 13th Feb, Wednesday, at 7:55pm. Please watch it if you can. It is called 'What's Fufu?' and is a 3 minute animated documentary about a girl called Yemmi (a Nigerian 16 year old who has lived with a foster family all her life). Another good news is that Osbert Parker's film 'Your's truly' which I worked on has been Bafta nominated." I'll post a link if I am able. The image below is just one of the joys available on Meghana's website.

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