Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Murray John - commercial shorts

My last couple of posts have been graced by rather tasteful though grey screenshots. Today's animator is presented in a series of very short shorts, and glorious full on colour. Anti-Landmine is a dramatic introduction to the work of South African, Murray John. In less than 10 seconds Murray communicates the reality of a landmine explosion, except that it is taken out of a war situation and brought into the city.
His Tongue (or rather Mick Jagger's) pays homage to the Rolling Stones phenomenon in a bawdy though complementary video that does justice to the lyrics and the band.

Similarly the longer Spun has the shock qualities of a rather brutal relationship, with the woman, for a change, the aggressor.

His style need not only be to shock though his trail for CBBC is a little punchier than most, certainly any featuring Basil Brush that I've seen.

The promotional video Roxette is therefore typical: bright arresting images, in the pop art tradition, with vivid colours, absolutely bursting with life and vitality.

Since 2003 Murray has worked as an Animation Director at the sparkling London studio, Bermuda Shorts. However I have linked his work to his excellent website. Murray is a very commercial animator and stylish artist, with an "in yer face" appeal that I like very much.

I should also point browsers in the direction of Short of the Week where their esteemed critic Richard Propes has featured James Kim’s Pin Point this week. It is very accomplished, comic in a way and, having just viewed it on Richard's recommendation, can recommend it myself. Richard has also thereby drawn attention to Independent Lens and their on-line shorts festival.

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