Friday, 1 February 2008

Nicholas Peterson & David J. Candelaria "MuM"

Nicholas Peterson and animator David J. Candelaria made the 7 minute stop-motion drama MuM in 1999, a broody, atmospheric melodrama about the doubts that plague a young woman, dressed in full wedding attire, prior to her wedding day. Whether it be fears of motherhood, husband, family dynasty or whatever, she is a reluctant bride. The intensity of emotion is heightened by the sombre music of composer Jasper Randall, the paintings of a succession of downtrodden wives and fearsome husbands lining the grand staircase, and a Boris Karloff look-alike as her would-be groom. (I've witnessed more mirth in an Ibsen drama.) MuM is certainly well regarded, having been nominated for an Academy Award and screened all over the world. The models and set are superbly constructed, allowing for some imaginative camera work and lighting. A graduate of the California Institute of the Arts, and clearly a director of real potential, Nicholas has made two other live action movies whilst David continues in stop-motion animation, his last work being for directors Jamie Nash and David Thomas Sckrabulis on the 2006 movie, Two Front Teeth.

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