Friday, 15 February 2008

"Ar(r)etes" Sylvain Blond, Cail Julien and Quentin Ricci

The screenshots probably say it all. A crystal clear coral reef with multi-coloured fish is damaged by a leaking drum of oil. What makes Ar(r)etes a little special is the grip the oil takes on the ecosystem. To a pounding soundtrack, mutations take over and we see the world in microcosm. Some of the graphics are stunning. The orange fish seems to be our guide to proceedings and swims through a strange landscape of stubbed out cigarette butts on the ocean floor, a black television set on the sea bed, pale, washed out fish on screen, strands of oily waterweed, and cascades of the detritus of our failing civilisation. As black underwater pumps work in the murk a giant black hand reaches out. Sylvain Blond, Cail Julien and Quentin Ricci produced the five minute movie in 2005 whilst at the Supinfocom Valenciennes, an establishment on which I have many times lavished praise. The film was well received on the festival circuit in 2005 and 2006. Tomorrow with no apologies I'm featuring another movie from the same university. What an outstanding group of students are produced in Valenciennes. I have made a start on the lists of websites and blogs mentioned Wednesday. I'll have to think up a way to make a list more interesting, either to do or read!

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