Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Tori Amos Tributes

I wondered what sort of animated tributes are out there for one of my favourite artists Tori Amos. First up is the colourful and upbeat Big Wheel. Here Tori's red hair is very much in evidence and the visuals respond well to the lyrics. The same animator, YouTuber Newuisme, also created Bouncing Off Clouds and which again is more than competently produced though perhaps the strong colour is rather too full on for my tastes. LM Movies provided the Sim orientated Silent All These Years. I've never been a fan of the activity (sorry) and although the images are fine for the "domestics" inherent in the story it's not particularly artistic, save perhaps for the images of Tori at her piano. Mr Zebra on the other hand has some style. Made by 20 year old animation student Marek Gabriel Hruska at Thomas Bata University in Zlin, the Czech Republic it consists of images of Tori and a few cut-outs, maybe not enough to be truthful though Marek has promise. My favourite? No, this goes to Catherine Lamy with her one minute Self Image - nothing whatsoever to do with the song but I like the line drawing and the girl has taste, as do all those who chose to link their work to the artist.

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