Thursday, 14 February 2008

Valentine's Day Animation: Alfredo Cassano & Alessandra Sorrentino "And I Love"

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day. What could be better on such a day than a song from an Irish singer (Wayne Brennan) and a warm romantic movie from two Italian animators? Alessandra Sorrentino, a traditional animator and storyboard artist, was born in Turin whilst Alfredo Cassano originated from "Brindisi, a small town in the wonderful Salento" and lives in Torino. The pair were were commissoned to make the rather lovely And I Love (the link is to Alfredo's website) in 2006. Romantic scenery, moonlight, a beach, sunset, boy meets girl: true love. And beautifully drawn throughout. It's a treat at any time of year. But today! In Alfredo's words Alessandra and he "worked together through every step of the production and very often share the same job as we did at Cartoon Saloon." Alfredo is currently working on Brendan and the Secret of Kells in production at the Cartoon Saloon, Kilkenny, Ireland. Now I happen to be a great admirer of that studio, and one of the co-directors Nora Twomey has her film, From Darkness, as number 7 in my Top Ten movies from last year. Together with Martin Fagan and Tomm Moore from the company, they give glowing testimonials in Alfredo's resume available on his website. Alessandra too has her own website and blog. I've just spent a few minutes checking out her work and can vouch for the quality. I shall be taking a closer look in the next few days together with a further view of Alfredo's material. (I responded to Alfredo's comment below by amending the review!)

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alf said...

Hi Ian,

Thank you so much for your words!
Please note that the video "And I Love" you are featuring in this post has been made between myself and my girlfriend Alessandra Sorrentino. We worked together through every step of the production and very often share the same job, as we did at Cartoon Saloon. Please check out her website ( and her blog ( thanks again and all the best.