Sunday, 17 February 2008

Yannick Puig "I Lived on the Moon"

Yannick Puig's spectacular I Lived on the Moon would suit a large screen; even on my monitor it looks good. In what is essentially fantasy, a father takes his son to the moon using the power of his imagination. There are two parts to the movie. In the first, father and son gaze up to the very showy moon to rather dreamy music and dancing monkeys. The longer second section has the boy blast off, almost literally, on a climbing plant that makes Jack's beanstalk seem tardy by comparison. To whirling synthesized music the boy is transported on vehicles, the first a vegetable with an extended root system and a rather large mouth that sings with the music, though my favourite is a flying ray that soars in the heavens about cotton wool clouds and shooting stars. Don't try to understand the action, just hold on tight and watch the jellyfish and duck when the galley ship in the screenshot fires a rather hideous red Halloween lantern at you. The splendid website is complemented by a blog. We are even provided with an explanation. Yannick's moon is a " place filled with flying snakes, fireflies and three tailed monkeys. A beautiful place, safe and far away from the human culture. A place for imagination, a place in which you'll find the entrance only if you open your mind." Born in France but now living in Spain, 27 year old Yannick provides insight into the techniques and software he used for the animation - 3dsMax 8, Photoshop, and After Effects, which I know and V-ray, of which I'm unacquainted. There are also sections in the movie clearly made to look mechanically constructed- waves that ripple across a stage, a sun on a stick, monkeys cavorting on rocks; at other times the action is computer generated. As I said at the outset, the movie is pure spectacle and succeeds well in transporting us to a moon of the mind. Yesterday I quibbled about the only means of seeing the movie being on YouTube; in contrast Yannick provides a high quality download.

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