Friday, 21 March 2008

Anthony Dusko "Notebook Babies"

Mr Dusko teaches fifth grade in Reading, Pennsylvania. To overcome student resistance and emphasise learning and character points Anthony has created a series of cartoons on his website, Notebook Babies. The Flash animation is comparatively simple, as is the drawing, though the carefully measured delivery, humour and targeted messages are mightily impressive. I particularly enjoyed his latest baby, Mr Dusko, a biographical account of Anthony's reasons for producing and continuing with the animations - the kids kept quiet! He has a particularly fine, clearly articulated voice in his narration. The availability of animation software allows teachers to do this sort of thing. (To an extent this is why I moved from teaching English to Animation.) The animations are placed on a backdrop of notepaper and the title for the series and site is well pitched. The babies are being bred rather prolifically with titles ranging from Messy Desk to What is a Friend? Don't miss out on the often very short Classroom Animations where I note Anthony is varying his style somewhat. Educational too. Where else can you learning an interesting fact about frogs? Bad Froggie . Well there are other places though perhaps not as much fun as here. A great idea, well executed; and I wish I'd thought of creating the series.

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