Sunday, 30 March 2008

Marissa Delbressine "Beyond the Window"

I featured Marissa Delbressine's experimental movie last week and I'm a sucker for sentiment so here is her Beyond the Window, a more traditionally drawn short about a beam of moonlight that is sympathetic to the plight of a child stuck in a wheelchair, gazing out towards the moon and stars. So sympathetic is the brightly lit visitor that the boy is taken on a magical tour of the heavens. I have remarked before on Marissa's prowess using sand on glass; here her very apparent drawing skills are aligned with a technical ability as the fluorescent figures traverse the sky. I'm only a little baffled by the appearance of the moon-messenger (or whatever) as a jester. It works though; a spot of wish fulfillment is the task of animators the world over. The animator's newly launched website is an absolute joy. It is not fully functioning yet though what there is fascinates. Created in Flash it unfolds as a private exploration of a talented and committed artist's sketch book.

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Mohka Canvas Prints said...

I've only seen clips of this but it looks amazing, so emotional fo anime. Must see it!