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Winners of the British Animation Awards 2008

British Animation Awards 2008
At last night's awards, Best Short Film was Osbert Parker's rather dark romance and thriller, Yours Truly, made for Channel 4 out of photo cut-outs and 3D backdrops. It is distributed by Lux. Stop motion is enjoying a major spree at the moment.

Congratulations are also due to a number of people I have featured recently. First off is Matt Latchford and Lucy Sullivan for their Public Choice: Music Video award for OneEskimo - well deserved in my view. As I said in my review, it was a movie that got me thinking and thinking again. Beautifully drawn and designed, with shades of light and dark: a delight from start to end.
I featured for the last two days on the Best Music Video - well I got the result wrong as the Chemical Brothers and their Salmon Dance came out as the winner. I'm not surprised as those dazzling fish took some creating and it was so different to anything else. Factory Films and Framestore CFC got it exactly right.
Multi-coloured rabbits won two other awards as Sony Bravia's Play-Doh gained both the Best Commercial: Craft and Best Commercial: Direction. A great backing track of The Rolling Stones and their She's a Rainbow certainly helps. It took three weeks to film in New York, employed 40 animators and used 2.5 tonnes of modeling material. The result is this eye watering celebration of colour and a (whatever the collective noun is for them) rabbits. You can listen to and watch Darren Walsh talk about his work with Passion Pictures via the link.
Not surprisingly Peter and The Wolf got Best TV Special for Channel 4 and Break Thru Films. I have already praised the work of the Norwegian and Polish studios involved. Equally no surprise when Simon Tofield's very funny Cat Man Do gained the Best Comedy honour.
The Pearce Sisters gained the prestigious Craft Award for Aardman Animations' Luis Cook, well justified for my part for what was a beautifully conceived piece of work. Adjustment by Ian Mackinnon was a contender here and rereading my review of that movie I don't think I did it justice. Ian sent me a copy of the movie at the time and it won over my students. I concentrated too much on the flip books, their focus, and not sufficiently on the pschological intensity of a quite brilliant study in behaviour. I have a couple of posts to upload on some of the other award winners shortly.
To reuse a quotation from The Guardian:
"The mix of winners at the 2008 British Animation Awards reflects the continued strength of the British animation scene," said awards director Jayne Pilling.
"The diversity of style, technical ingenuity and choice of subject matter reflects the reasons why the UK animation scene continues to thrive."
The Guardian also provides a full list of the awards. I'll close with an image from Ian's movie.

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