Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Bruno Bozzetto "Neuro"

Bruno Bozzetto made the Flash animation Neuro in 2004. He is beyond doubt one of the most uplifting and original talents in the animation industry. I have featured his work before. He cheers me up even in this tale of murder and domestic mayhem. Neuro is well named. All the urban angsts that plague the apartment dweller, or indeed any of us thrust too close together for comfort, are contained in this two minute or so short. The deceptively simple graphics harbour artistry and wit from the moment the guy arrives, takes the elevator to the top apartment and is met by his gleeful though noisy dog. The guy who lives directly under the pet owner does not appreciate the pet. Cue for some bashing the ceiling with a broom. He himself has not endeared himself to his upstairs neighbour due to the volume of his television. Underneath is a fastidious woman who has a penchant for housework and beneath her is a musician. Stresses and strains of modern life, all borne by reasonable people, lead to their inevitable conclusion, aided and abetted by the aircraft, which shakes the whole block. The economical detail of this gloriously funny and pointed work provide lessons for all in animation. A master at work and he attracts talent as Roberto Frattini takes care of the music and sound effects with aplomb.

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