Monday, 10 March 2008

MTV Switch Ubik "3650" & Lowe "Trees"

Two further campaigning videos today. Award winning 3650 is set in a classroom containing a globe of the world, around which circulate clouds and aircraft, and upon which are motor vehicles and tall buildings. As the ad develops the crowding becomes more evident and the clouds change their colour. Made in just four weeks and a mixture of live action and CG work, it was shot on 16mm film and produced by UK studio Ubik for MTV Switch, a campaign aimed at 15 to 25 year olds. The short aims to raise awareness of the global warming issue, particularly in this case the short time frame available to mankind to change things. The feature of the classroom with toy planes and cars works particularly well for a younger audience though this adult at least is also enthralled. Stephen Dalton and Nick Losse did the 3D animation, Jonathan Vuillemin the rendering, Tim Green took the photographs and the aforementioned models, such a feature of the project, were made by Graham Staughton. Not altogether surprisingly it was selected in January as best animation at the BTAA Craft Awards. A second classy animation for MTV in the same vein is Trees (or on YouTube). Here the once healthy tree gets weighed down with the workload related to too much CO2 in the atmosphere and collapses, shedding leaves, sitting on a bench totally exhausted. Message: "Trees can't reduce CO2 emissions alone. You can help." It was directed by Pistachios for Lowe Worldwide.

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The video has been removed!