Wednesday, 5 March 2008

"I Draw Girls" Xia Taptara

I Draw Girls is a departure from my normal reviews because in a sense Xia Taptara is teaching art as opposed to producing animations. However as the reviewers from saw fit to place him in the animations section I'll deal with him here. The premise is quite simple if inspired. Xia turns on the video capture software, microphone, adds a bit of music and and gives a series of tutorials on how to draw girls. Easy. Wish I'd thought of it. There's one problem of course. I can't draw so well. Not many can. The site should be required viewing in any art department at almost any level. Xia has a gentle delivery voice methodically defining steps the artist should take in clear language. This is what the internet was created for. I consider the schedule of blogging I impose to be tough but so is Xia's. To demonstrate, have a look at the series of screenshots I made of one of the videos at the weekend. Typically, the style is manga and the shots of the reclining Anime Girl include one close-up and just a trace of the palette used in the fill section of the tutorial.

This is computer art of the highest calibre. From my vantage point the guy's a genius. In the main the work is fantasy, manga or anime, and mostly girls although there is some diversification and I know Xia is considering more. A really nice guy, he explained the origins of the site to me:
  • "I actually started out the blog for fun and sharing it with fellow artists and young aspiring. Then my girlfriend suggests that I should do some stuff for general public I start to come up with ways to draw simple and easy cute animals once in a while. When I stop there are some e-mails from little kids under 12 asking if I would put in more simple stuff. I couldn't resist because they are kids.Then more e-mail requesting from kids and parents there it goes."

Xia presently works for ArenaNet near Seattle. He also has a website which in a sense mirrors his blog. His tutorials use a variety of software packages, notably Photoshop, and last a matter of minutes. So it is somehow reassuring that Xia takes as much as 3 to 6 hours to complete a work in oils. Thank goodness for that!

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