Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Itai Froumin "Illuminations" (Meorot) Annecy Festival 2008

Illuminations (Meorot) is a four minute movie of beauty and sumptuous sound. Created by Israeli student, Itai Froumin, the graduation movie last month received Aniboom's prestigious Global Booster Award in the Experimental Category. It is a work of art rather than a straight-forward animation. Itai fuses dance and movement with swirling light and colour, figurative with abstract. The result is not unlike the Erica Russell movie Triangle I waxed lyrical about a time back. Perhaps it does not have the thematic significance of Erica's Oscar nominated masterpiece but the balance of music and movement in the paint on glass movie is enchanting. Watch it as I did after a long day at work and it will unburden you. Meorot (its Israeli name) is chosen for the Graduation Film selection for Annecy ‘08. I have mentioned the music already. The original score by Itai and Jonathan Albalak is so sensitively executed with variations of melody and mood. Astonishingly accomplished all round. Itai graduated from the Animation Unit, Bezalel Academy of Art & Design in 2007. I guess he was the star student that year. Illuminations is his graduation film. The screenshots simply do not do the film justice - movement is all! Two more quality pieces from the animation network, Aniboom tomorrow.
Interestingly, and related to Triangle, my new friend and correspondent Marco Milone, who writes a similar blog to this with his own distinctive style and slant, has today published an article on Erica's movie - Mellart. Marco pointed me in the direction of a stunning piece for Prada, Trembling Blossom - the links are to his reviews. Thank you Marco.

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