Monday, 24 March 2008

Ivan Maximov "Wind Along The Coast "

Wind Along The Coast by Ivan Maximov is a worthy movie for a windy day here in the UK. Well might the girl in the screenshot stare for she is observing a fisherman milking a fish. He's had a hard enough time catching it due to the hard wind that drives along the beach community, disturbing the child making sandcastles or, to be more exact, speeding her up as she flies across the sand scooping up and dumping down castle after castle. I have reviewed the Russian animator's work before. Ivan has a distinctive style, with an eye for the almost incidental, quirky detail and an off-beat humour that is a delight, imbued as it is with a generosity of spirit and obvious good will. His six minute piece is peopled by distinctive characters whose odd behaviour simply fits into this alternative world. The fisherman takes the fish to the beach and is assisted by the fish walking; another, perhaps the same, fish seems to relish the line attached to its gullet, whilst the guy with his feet soaking in a bowl of water blows bubbles from the mix. The wind does provide problems though as the detritus of life is blown around. The girl has to brave bucket after bucket flying through her window before she is driven to close the darn thing only to be blown halfway out of another window. The potentially tricky situation is resolved by a convenient fly swat. Inhabiting this strange world appear to be flying fish or flying rabbits. They do have wings so I guess the wind is not entirely to blame. I've been to Cleethorpes on days like this! The music, not unnaturally, is Sea Journey by Chick Corea, performed here by Daniil Kramer and Alexei Kuznetsov.
Finally a piece of housekeeping - I've changed the domain to I commenced the blog as an adjunct to my school work though now it tends take a fairly independent stance. There may be a spot of redirecting until the new address is bedded in.

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