Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Marissa Delbressine "Seasons " (Annecy Festival 2008)

Using sand on illuminated glass is a technique I have commented on before in animation, usually in the hands of Russian or Canadian masters. It takes, I should imagine, a certain sang-froid as well as a quick confident hand to swish away the sort of stylish strokes evident in Seasons, the second of those Aniboom showcased animations chosen for Annecy ‘08, this time in the Graduation Films category. 25 year old Marissa Delbressine manages the technique with aplomb. Her movie commences with a seed that strikes out roots and stems to emerge in a flurry of growth as a long haired girl. Life bursts all around her. Then, her energy spent, the girl follows the cycle of the seasons and recedes to a seed in the earth. I am reminded of A Midsummer Night's Dream in the depiction of the fairy-like girl, symbolising nature, her face hinted at though never fully realised, her vitality transforming her world. It is hard to imagine a medium so well suited to the theme than the transitory arrangement of sand. Netherlands born Marissa is some talent. It almost goes without saying that she composed the music herself, that it was the first time she has worked with sand ("the nicest way to animate, ever"), that there are attendant dangers of sneezing during one's work, and that Marissa thanks her parents for making "a little space" in their home for her studio. You can gain far more insights in the erudite artist's tutorial posted on Aniboom. From another play:
"O, wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is!
O brave new world,
That has such people in't!"

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