Monday, 3 March 2008

Matt Latchford, Lucy Sullivan & One eskimO "Hometime"

Today's post is the first of two featuring excellent British bands and exciting young animators. One eskimO is I confess a band unknown to me hitherto but reviewing the work of Matt Latchford (and Lucy Sullivan) led me to the tuneful and imaginatively animated Hometime. Confession time it is. For the first time ever I have had to write a post because I got the meaning wrong (I get the meaning wrong a lot though usually don't rewrite!) All thanks to a comment from Kelly and a reference to "creepy". The movie features a floating ark attached to a hot air balloon that soars above a devastated planet peopled by sad, blighted creatures. The earth below is dominated by fuming chimneys and a city devoid of life. The inhabitants are dead or in the process of dying. The giraffe and fellow guests on the ark spend their time gently singing or playing their instruments in time to the music. It's a most harmonious partnership despite the suffering beneath them. This is where I went wrong in my previous analysis. The exotic menagerie in the ark is happy enough but should it be in a world so obviously in distress? And what is the mysterious light beamed up from the dying towards the eskimo? I'm reminded of regimes in parts of the world that live the good life whilst others suffer. This is a spare synopsis to be truthful because song and illustration have a seamless logic to them, and the landscape, whilst arid, is bright in the moonlight, too bright to be considered Mordor! The animation is delicate and altogether well drawn, the ark's inhabitants very cute. Which is where the subtlety comes in and where this reviewer was initially deceived. I understand from Matt's blog that the video is in the running for awards. It should be. This is a class act - if I were managing a band I'd want the production team on the case. Matt and Lucy graduated from Kingston University in 2005. Together with fellow graduate Lucy Izzard whose work I featured here, Matt and Lucy form Smuggling Peanuts. Their animated video for Cold Cut's Just for the Kick has a different style as befits the music. Matt's website and blog is well worth a visit for the series of short, witty animations and some quality illustrations. Don't miss the jam session in Flash tagged onto the end - campfire. And as I write this I have One eskimO playing in the background. Great voice and sound.


kelly said...

Creapy, but cool, but creapy.


henry said...

super cool animation, penguin playing guitars wicked..kandi's release is soon isnt it??

Ed said...

HAHAH creepy?? think its pretty 'cool' excuse punn!
you can still watch them on channel 4's 4play!

Mike said...

These guys are brilliant, stoked on the kandi single...heres the best place to watch the music video for it...seems pretty sweet quality.

Jack said...

Have to admit these lot have only impressed me so far!
hopefully the album will come out in june as expected, super good if it does!

Tom Scott said...

theres a new update on the eskimo youtube channel, wonderful new tune, 'givin up' is wicked!!