Monday, 17 March 2008

"Measles" Sweetworld TV & Lisle Turner

Commencing with a revoltingly pink/red Measles, “the Daddy”, treats us to a potted history of disease with accompanying lurid splodges that have appeared on arms and faces “for thousands of years”, the splendid little Measles compares the defences created by mankind to combat disease (vaccines, hospitals) with the lack of measures to counter the arms trade. It’s simply unfair on the poor old diseases - the unfortunate Dysentry is on his last legs, poor chap. Amnesty International's Protect the Human campaign commissioned the animated short with a powerful message to relate in comic fashion. “In 2010 more people are going to be killed by armed conflict than us diseases!Brian Cox delivers the narration in a hectoring, sergeant major style and the colourful little splodges of colour are cute little fellows – for deadly diseases. Interspersed with the germs are a couple of hand drawn black and white scenes - though the figures can't avoid the dreadful blotches of red - in which men leap off to war or fall into coffins. A merited award at last week’s British Animation Awards 2008, was for Public Choice: Commercial and was made to the Sweetworld TV and director, Lisle Turner. It was written by Robin Ince and Neil Redmond. A funny, effective cartoon.

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