Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Nizlopi & Mustashrik "Start Beginning"

Today is the second of two blogs featuring new animations for British bands. I wrote about Nizlopi's JCB Song in February. In preparation for their new album the 22 year old Mustashrik was commissioned to animate the title track. Mustashrik's video for Nizlopi is drawn in a different style entirely to yesterday's piece. Viewing Start Beginning is akin to stepping into an artist's notebook, the sketched images flashing out in a series of reactions to the lyrics. This time there's no excuse for misreading meaning because Mustashrik explains himself on his blog. However whenever I hear the term "stream of consciousness" I get a little troubled though the video is not to be taken literally, it being an expression of the sheer exuberance of life. Two of the characteristics of the band is an honesty in the lyrics and a most expressive voice. The two piece outfit, Luke Concannon and John Parker, commence the video in the open countryside underneath a tree. This pastoral theme is taken up as the animation kicks in and a rather stylised woman appears though the animation truly catches fire in my eyes with the childhood images. Mustashrik captures the optimism of the band, if not explicitly the lyrics, most effectively with the young boy happily revelling in the freedom of the sun and open skies and enjoying the company of adults. The animation is a celebration of Spring, love, childhood; and also something of the essence of the band, particularly Luke's singularly pure voice. A second video is provided in similar vein, though with a touch of colour in parts, on the track Love Is. The new single, Start Beginning, is released on 17th March 2008 and the album, Make It Happen is to be released on 31st March 2008. You can find out more at the independent label, FDM Records

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