Sunday, 16 March 2008

Ru Kuwahata "Forget Me Not "

Forget Me Not by New York based Ru Kuwahata is a true story of a young girl losing her pet dog and then discovering signs that the dog has returned from heaven to snack on his favourite chocolate cookie treat. Of course there is a rational explanation though not before certain adult explanations are suggested prior to a more mundane explanation being discovered. Ru has a distinctive style as an illustrator and animator. Her work is smoothly drawn with bold use of colour and a knack for offering different perspectives and angles. She is the narrator in much of her work, possessing an expressive voice that adds something to the animation. Ru has a company set up with Max Porter, tiny inventions (and a blog), with the aim of producing "innovative and engaging animations, toys, books, and interactive media". There are some similar examples of Ru's work on her individual and original website, notably Daikon Ashi, again a sensitively drawn short about feet, of all things, and a very nice swirl of colour and passion in a quick Tango from Ru and some friends. Her illustrations are lovely and cover a range of styles including freehand sketches made on her travels including the following drawn in 2005 of Sevastopol, Ukraine. I'll perhaps take a look at Max's work in a future post.

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