Thursday, 6 March 2008

Simona Ciraolo, Alice Lia and Alessandra Sorrentino "Marla"

Marla is a graduation film made in 2004 by three Italian students Simona Ciraolo, Alice Lia and Alessandra Sorrentino. (The link is to a special website set up for the movie; alternatively it is posted on YouTube.) The movie is very feminine. Marla is a strange girl who appears from the glove compartment of a moving truck. Well, it was moving until she crawled out of the glove compartment. Dusting herself down after the crash and completely unscathed Marla emerges at her destination where she has a mission - to obtain a rather stylish, but very pink, dress. Marla likes pink. She is quite merciless in her mission: little old ladies, a troop of scouts, even a young man approximately her age - all brushed brutally to one side until she discovers the object of her desires on another woman. A little matter of ownership is not to stand in Marla's way before she returns to her strange home by her normal route, though in a different vehicle. I often wonder where ideas emerge because Marla is a distinctive creation, impervious to the normal emotions or sensitivities; she is a girl governed by desires and she desires another woman's pink dress. This classy little movie was produced at The Foundation Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (CSC). I have already reviewed Alessandra's And I Love, made with Alfredo Cassano. In similar fashion to that movie Marla is traditionally animated, and charmingly so. It holds one's interest throughout the seven minutes both because one never knows what the central character is going to do next and for the almost incidental moments of humour that are sprinkled into the mix - that rather dashing hairstyle for the woman sitting outside the bar sipping her cocktail is in fact a sheep. The quality of the artwork is of the highest standard and the use of colour, apart from the quite dreadful pink/pink/pink of Marla's room, is terrific, as is the beautifully edited music. Alessandra's blog features some stills from the new movie, The Secret of Kells, and her current project the Irish series Wulfie about which, as ever, I intend to write soon. Simona also has her own blog, A little bit of nonsense, that has some fabulous illustrations, one of which is included below. I'm sadly unable to discover links to Alice's work.


Ale said...

Ian, thank you so much for this review and your kind words about our film Marla,I am very glad you enjoyed it. Take care,

Simona Ciraolo said...

Hi Ian,

Thank you for the attention you gave to Marla, we really appreciate that, and I am very very pleased that the intention of the short came across!
And thanks for mentioning my work too!


P.S. For the curious people, Alice worked on the feature film Persepolis in Paris, where she lives, and she is an amazing illustrator too!