Thursday, 27 March 2008

Thomas Leung "Sukki's Story"

The story of Thomas Leung's 2005 short Sukki's Story is one known to millions of young people who leave home and family to proceed with their education or work and feel guilt about that leave-taking. Thomas feels more guilty than most leaving his mother because Hong Kong is a long way from Australia and his mother has, essentially, only him. Thus he communicates via the telephone and the internet. When his mother is injured she spends her time compiling a digital record of his childhood and family memories, some of which are animated as part of the movie. When his grandmother dies his mother seems further away than ever. The narrator's voice and obvious sincerity communicate a very real story with conviction, though the bold, direct style of the drawing and the overall production values together make this a handsome package. It is a model for those wishing to tell a true story well. Not surprisingly the movie has won several awards. A former student at Swinburne, Melbourne, Thomas graduated as a Multimedia Design Honours student, returned for a while to Hong Kong, and then took up a post in the UK with the Early Learning Centre.

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