Sunday, 20 April 2008

Animals Save the Planet: Aardman Animation

Animals save the Planet is a very clever advertising campaign aimed at changing the UK's profligate use of resources. Aardman Animation has been commissioned by Animal Planet to produce a series of ten animated shorts each featuring a different animal and having a diverse range of targets. Dawn French provides the narration for a cow that gets embarrassed because of all its noxious emissions (eat less meat), a camel that stores its bottled water in its hump rather than use a plastic bag (not the message being pushed here but I might add another in drinking water from the tap rather than unnecessary plastic bottle) and a polar bear that uses so much energy its ignoo melts away. The Bristol studio produced 4 seconds of footage a day. My particular favourites are the Meerkats who get coated in dust from vehicles and never moan at all. In fact they clap at the passage of a bicycle. See, you can be cute and useful at the same time.