Thursday, 17 April 2008

Bora Moon "Polar Bear Delivery"

Having recently covered movies in which the script is the principal asset, Polar Bear Delivery is a visually cute, traditionally drawn pencil on paper piece aimed at children and adults with a soft spot somewhere. Who couldn't be charmed by a small girl who is befriended, or befriends, a polar bear? The bear acts as scooter transporter of the little child from her orphanage to her new parents. She's a cute thing all right, parcelled up nicely for the journey and has an equally nice line in giggles. Together the pair sit and watch the sunset, picnic in the forest, scatter flower petals, get lost, and snooze the night away. If you like bright colours, warm landscapes and escape from it all pleasantry then this is a film for you (and most definitely me.) The movie got into the Ottawa International Animation and made Bora "Sooo happy~~ Dream comes true!" 24 year old Bora Moon comes from Ottawa, graduated from Sheridan College (where she received help from fellow student Arzu Fallahi on the backgrounds) and works in the animation profession. You can check out Bora's Whole New World blog.

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