Monday, 14 April 2008

Candy Guard "The Wrong Type"

It is not only the artwork that makes an animation. Candy Guard's wonderful 1991 The Wrong Type most definitely has that delightful cartoonist's eye, a knack of expressing much with just the minimum of detail as can be seen in the screenshot. However it is her talent for writing dialogue that is both laugh aloud hilarious and so perceptive of life, and an urban woman's life in particular. She knows the concerns, trials, tribulations, deceptions, extravagances, insecurities and sheer in your face superficiality of modern day living. Roxanne hires temps for Supertemps: "All our temps are super, you could be one of our temps and be super too." The new recruit has a few problems meeting the 45 words a minute stipulation. Her trial at Supertemps managed some 45 words less than the minimum requirement. At the new office the poor girl's difficulties continue, not helped by a brisk boss with a tight Leeds accent. "File this under Gambia. Now!" Candy is a true director and guides a glorious cast of voices: Elizabeth Rider, Sarah Kennedy and Robert Brydon. Alongside Joanna Quinn Candy is one of the nation's treasures. The sharpness, nuances and wit of the dialogue is a thing of deep joy. Roxanne is not at all discomforted by a telephone call from the new temp's superior towards the end of the first morning in post. She has a bright breezy telephone manner and calls her new employee up for a girl to girl chin wag ending with the upbeat: "No problem, just take your lunch at one and then don't go back and that's fine, okay!" Candy's work may be seen in snippets at the truly sensational studio, Sherbet. Of course you may also know Candy for one of my favourite animated series, Pond Life.

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