Friday, 4 April 2008

David Montgomery

I'm fairly busy at work today so here is a short piece, though a fascinating one I feel. A couple of weeks ago I featured Pollenating by David Montgomery, a rather delicious stop motion animation that I linked with a favourite painter. A short and charming email later I learned about some further work in similar vein. David moved me to verse then but for now revel in the visual qualities of One More. Here rotating pulpae are morphed into some brightly coloured African marigold (or something) and then the flickering effect of a fast flying moth is created in floral form. It could have done with music though his equally glorious reel has a high pitched whine, a heartbeat and what I'm fairly sure is the human voice as a soundtrack. The elements featured on the reel are eclectic too. I got an insect wing, a shell, maybe a seedhead from a chestnut, definitely some metal object into which one peers, newsprint and suggestions of floral life. No idea really but both works are a delight from an original artist.

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