Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Edward "Eddie" Selzer "Birds Anonymous"

Why would Sylvester receive a card from a member of Birds Anonymous? Well, Tweety Pie has some help in his battle with the "bad oll pussy cat" from a softly spoken feline friend who in no time at all has Sylvester up on stage protesting his guilty secrets to fellow members. The trouble is the television is full of cookery programmes about basting birds whilst the radio has an inexhaustible supply of birdie songs to encourage any self-respecting cat to do mischief. And can any addict ever truly be said to be cured? "I'm weak and I don't care." This very funny cartoon won the Academy Award in 1957. Birds Anonymous gained the director, Edward "Eddie" Selzer, one of five career Oscars. As can be seen from the screenshot, all this abstinence does a cat no good at all!

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