Thursday, 3 April 2008

Foy Vance "Gabriel and the Vagabond" Steven Forbes & Carla Mercer

"There's a man in the corner and his clothes are worn
And he's holding out his hand
You could see in his eyes as the people walk by
He knows they don't understand"
It is nice when one discovers a forgotten pleasure, a bank note in the rarely used jacket or this soulful song, Gabriel and the Vagabond, by Foy Vance, discovered in a badly named folder and currently destined for my new iPod. Its lyrics are beautifully composed and lend themselves to story-telling in animation. A beggar is disregarded by passers by, until Gabriel smiles at him and, uplifted, the vagabond inspires a poor destitute girl; together they sing Hallelujah and the crowd listens and in turn are inspired. Foy's voice is pure indeed. Directed in 2006 by Carla Mercer and animated by Steven Forbes, the music video has the merit of following the lyrics closely though Gabriel bears an uncanny resemblance to Foy himself. The gentle line drawing is understated and acts as a foil for the powerful lyrics. I have written in my notes that some of the proceeds from the sale of the music were donated to the homeless and also for the rehabilitation of street women.

And sorry about the widget cat but she is very cute. Tickle her tummy and she purrs.

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