Saturday, 19 April 2008

Matthew Walker "Operator"

"Hello, is that God? Hello God." Imagine if you will that you requested your telephone enquiries company to put you through to God. Yes, God. And imagine they did. What would be your request? The survival of a loved one perhaps, peace for mankind, prosperity for yourself? Chewing on his rather pleasant toffee apple Matthew Walker's character asks for ... well, that's the subject of today's animation, Operator. Not to spoil things too much I should add that it would not be my request but life's full of eccentric characters. Given that the animation is situated in a living room watching a guy converse on the telephone, save for a single miracle occurring outside the window, the action is not spell-binding though the lovely matter-of-fact way in which the caller converses with the great creator is great fun. The link is to last year's Bristol 2007 DepicT competition. Matthew made the short animation whilst at Newport School of Art, Media and Design. His movie has been short-listed for Annecy 2008.

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