Friday, 18 April 2008

John Weldon "Spinnolio"

Spinnolio appeals because of the very absence of any sentiment regarding the wooden puppet turned boy. In fact one might argue that the movie strays into the realms of deepest cynicism about life, society and, particularly, work . Take the appearance of the cricket, so important to the real movie on which Spinnolio is based: the insect appears and is promptly eaten by the cat. Spinnolio's creator desires that his boy be educated, so he is flung out onto the doorstep, luckily discovered by a student on her way to school to be unceremoniously dumped on a seat behind a desk. The puppet's final report from school says much for his progress - A's in Attention, Obedience, Attentiveness and Demeaour, complete flunks for Mathematics and Physical Education. At no point does this puppet get imbued with life! He proves an absolute wow in his place of work however, handling complaints and listening to employees' angst with total equability. Eventually he is replaced by a computer of course - in one of the few signs that this outstanding movie was made in 1977, we discover the computer is huge. John Weldon not only directed the movie but led the cartoon style animation, as well as writing the script that is revealing of life and very funny with it. You can purchase the DVD from NFB.

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shreevatsa said...

Note that Spinnolio also gets an A in "Patriotism"!