Friday, 25 April 2008

Johnny Kelly "Procrastination "

I was going to post this a few weeks ago but kept putting it off. Procrastination by Johnny Kelly is a graduation piece for his MA in Animation at the Royal College of Art in 2007. In some respects the movie is like a showreel in that so many different styles of drawing or stop frame technology are demonstrated, all to the increasingly or perhaps potentially hysterical voice-over by Bryan Quinn. I guess Johnny commenced by writing down a list of all the ways in which one might procrastinate (itself procrastination): make a cup of tea (twice), sort his sock drawers out, get drunk, pat a dog, redesign his bedroom, play a computer game, play a computer game about redesigning his room. You get the idea. In witty fashion and with an eye for design Johnny lays bare all the myriad devices I personally use to avoid actually doing anything. The first three screenshots are taken from Johnny's website, revelling in the bold use of strong colour though elsewhere as I have remarked above one could have selected, for example, shades of grey or a series of 3D envelopes each opened out to signify the endless opening or writing of e-mails, a task that increasingly deters me from working. The impressive sound editing was the work of Mike Wyeld and one can also enjoy other work from Johnny at the website he shares with brother Michael (nice work from him also and I'll get round to writing about it after I've patted my cat.) Good to see wit and artistic talent of this quality - so thanks to Josie who drew my attention to a talent to watch out for. The movie is in the midst of an extensive screening programme in the various international festivals though you can see it courtesy of the incomparable Nexus Productions site and, thanks to Johnny, a direct link to "a great big juicy quicktime of the film". Worth getting round to it, maybe, you know. In the meantime Johnny is one of the galaxy of stars at Nexus. Their site is a source of inspiration.

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