Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Nicole Van Goethem "Een Griekse Tragedie" (A Greek Tragedy)

Made in 1985 by Belgian director, illustrator and animator, Nicole Van Goethem, A Greek Tragedy was awarded the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film in 1987. The movie depicts a moment in the lives of three caryatids whose allotted role seems to be staying awake night and day to support some ancient Greek temple. When one piece of masonry slips and the wind blows one of the girl's toga up into the air, the resulting merriment breaks the spell they seem under, the attachment to their duties slips and the movie ends with the girls skipping off into the sunset leaving the ruin a heap of stones. It is light hearted though with an underlying message of female liberation perhaps, the girls casting off their burden and enjoying life. Certainly its international success seems to have been something of a surprise at the time; Nicole, who died in 2000, is still the only Belgian to have won an Academy Award. Given that, I won't quibble about the merits of an enjoyable, well drawn movie that made me chuckle.

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