Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Oxfam "Be Humankind"

Oxfam's new Be Humankind television commercial was first aired on April 18th although the theme gathered pace yesterday with a supporting campaign of posters. London's Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R (RKCR/Y&R) was awarded Oxfam’s £3 million advertising business in September so this is hardly a philanthropic gesture from the agency. It must be stated though that Oxfam have got a lot for their money. The 45 second ad has plenty of oomph, with a little old lady rapidly tiring of being inactive when headlines proclaiming another Asian Flood are ignored and crawl like a colony of ants in front of her, or when mosquitoes form from Poverty headlines beamed alongside HIV from a shop window television monitor. When the most huge and slug-like Injustice monster surfaces in the town centre and is ignored by the public, the lady turns and discovers a most unladylike dragon's breath. A younger woman lends some heat to the argument. "Be aware. Ge moved. Be involved" is the message and all the public join in to flamb√© Injustice. Two other commercials come forcefully to mind: one that is similar in pitch and message (though totally different in style) I shall feature tomorrow in my continued build-up to Annecy: the other is Marc Craste's award winning campaign for Lloyds Bank; indeed when the woman raises her glasses at the sight of the first insects and the not dissimilar music breaks out one might have expected to see a black horse or two. (Link to the sublime RKCR/Y&R website and you will see some of the best work of its kind anywhere including, surprise surprise, Marc's work for Lloyds.) Meanwhile, in keeping with the new age, it's nice to see the ad firms recycling.

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