Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Radiohead Animated Video Competition Revisited

I thought it time to pop back to aniBOOM to see how their Radiohead animated video competition is progressing. We are still in the storyboard stages and from the 400 entries received so far a number appeal, certainly more than I presently have time to enjoy.. AniBOOM have certainly given their all with a sophisticated countdown arrangement that certainly leaves none in any doubt as to the process. Daisy Edwards has a well drawn piece, very feminine though no harm in that at all and "Daisy" is a name that has a certain appeal at the moment. The most popular video when I last looked appears to be that of David Arafat with a nicely chosen song and a delicately coloured piece concerning the travels of a top hat clad man and his dog. Very classy piece in the making this. An exemplary storyboard has been produced by Gregel Oirom suggesting an atmospheric piece about a guy losing his girl, reinventing her within a television set from what I can deduce. 28th April is the deadline for storyboards. As I said aniBOOM have given this the big heave and talented people are responding. Sadly at a busy time for me to fully respond.

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