Wednesday, 7 May 2008

AniBoom & Radiohead Animated Video Competition - the semi finalists (1)

Radiohead commissioned AniBoom to conduct an international competition for their next animated music video. I will review the first five contenders today and the other five tomorrow when I aim to announce the Animation Blog's editorial team's winner! Reckoner by Clement Picon has the world changing, cities building and overcrowding as the planet expands. Hints of ecological issues in this 2D piece though there is a beauty in the expansion of humanity as portrayed here. Clement’s video begins with the growth of a single seed or hair follicle perhaps, all in black and white shades though as it progresses into space colour is introduced to good effect. The track suits the visuals well. We are still in the storyboard stages though this looks pretty damn near complete to me.

Preston by Marko Milankovic has an aluminium, or is it titanium, giant goddess being constructed by a guy in goggles inside this massive factory or aircraft hanger. In spectacular 3D CGI graphics the huge woman begins to come alive, though her controller loses control and she jets off into the distance pursued by maker in a flying machine. I have no idea how long it took Marco to create this and I guess it was on the boards before the competition because this is fine animating by anyone’s measurement. Marko has about one third of the movie complete, the rest being storyboarded as befits this stage in the competition. I want to see the final product regardless of its progress in the competition.

Nude - 1000 Pound Bomb by Paul Beck focuses on America’s military machine with actual footage of warfare technology having superimposed heads and things. A certain juxtaposition of the politicians, generals, cruise missiles and the like suggest a little eminently sensible cynicism about the war. It is not so expertly or technically animated, as yet anyway, compared with other contenders and I have reservations about the coarseness of the “masks” - Mickey Mouse and Hefner’s Bunny, or whatever, need more expressive qualities than this. I’d like to see more subtlety here to match parts of the movie that do effectively present their case. Still, storyboard stage....

All I need by Gerhard Human has similarities to Marko's in that it commences in a factory in which a group of workers prepare for revolution or war. It also has a giant monster coming alive. This time the animation is determinedly 2D as the furry animals work in a beautifully conceived and drawn factory with lots going on and squirts of steam escaping into the air. The monster looks like the people's champion to me as, in storyboard, draft fashion we see the giant receiving popular acclaim from the populace. A great track and a technically adept piece I definitely want to see more of.

Reckoner by ViDEOGRUPPE has what I take to be a red puppet sitting morosely in a rather dingy interior watching a plant pot containing a vaporous fungi that gradually takes over the room, transforming into a theatrical set full of the things. The camera pans around a lot but the figure is insufficiently developed to actually express anything and there is no storyboarding that I can discern, though it's certainly a mile or three away from the finished product. Not my favourite from the 900 entries.

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Aniboom / Radiohead in rainbows Video Contest Controversy

After duping over 800 animators into submitting storyboards in hopes of 10 being chosen to do the video, Aniboom and its judges have chosen to give the projects to already established “Big” studios. Some of the winning submissions were not even storyboards but finished animations already used by these studios for other purposes, then reedited to match a radiohead song rather than being an original idea.

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